How to Make a Balloon Spongeguy Parody

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Here are the supplies- warning, this is not a beginner's design

Inflate all 5 yellow balloons leaving a 3-4" tip uninflated

Inflate one white balloon and the brown balloon the same way

Inflate the second white balloon and the red balloon to about 8"

Inflate the small round balloons (or eyeballs) to about 2.5"- tying off close to the nozzle

Take the first yellow balloon and make a small bubble. Hold onto that bubble while you do the same to a second yellow balloon

While you are controlling the small bubbles, twist a 5" bubble and attach one small bubble to the longer bubble of the second balloon. Repeat from the other side

Now make a small bubble to go up a level

And do the same on the other side- making sure to control the bubbles until they are secured

Bring one balloon across and twist into bubble on the other side

Repeat with second balloon

Repeat the same process until the pieces of the balloon are too small to continue

When the first two balloons are used up, twist two more balloons into their place

And continue the pattern until you have 5 layers (this technique is called a flat weave)

Make a small bubble with the yellow to go up a level. Make a small bubble at the end of the white balloon and twist it into the yellow balloon at the bubble

Make a small bubble in the second yellow side and bring the white balloon across. For best results put a little pinch twist (or bean twist) in the white balloon to keep it tight and secure

Wrap the white balloon back around to the other side

Make a small bubble with the yellow to go up a level and attach the brown balloon with a small bubble

Repeat the process you just did with the white balloon

After the brown balloon has been secured on both sides, take one of the yellow legs and put a little bubble at the top of the balloon. Use this bubble to create a loop for the foot.


Do the same on the other side


Twist a small bubble in the remaining white balloon and let the air out of the balloon above the twisted bubble. Tie off the remainder of the balloon.


... Like so..


Do the same to the remainder of the brown balloon.


Put a twist in the center of the white balloon and the middle yellow bubble


Take last yellow balloon and make a small dog head (bubble, loop chain). This will be a hand.


Make a 4-5" bubble to be the arm and twist it into extra bubbles in center of body


Bring the rest of the balloon around the back and twist into extra bubbles on other side. Make dog head for hand (bubble loop chain)


Carefully secure and cut off extra pieces. Save the largest piece to reinflate for the nose


Reinflate biggest piece




Put two tiny little pinch twists at end of nose piece


Cut off all the extra bits


Take the second white balloon and make 1.5- 2" bubble


Make another one and tie together using nozzle


Attach the nose to the joint in the front of the sculpture


Like so...


Take white bubbles (these will be teeth) and twist onto nose.


Like so....


Cut off extra after making sure that everything is secure


At this point the kids will start shouting out who they think it is


Take the eyeballs and tie them together, leaving a bit of the nozzle on each side


Twist them into the nose/ teeth


Put a little pinch twist in each eyeball to make them look straight instead of to the side (not necessary of you are using unprinted balloons)


Do on both eyes


Closer look


Like so....


Take red balloon and twist off a tiny bubble and pinch twist it (bean twist)


Make three tiny pinch twists


Like so


Attach red balloon to joint in white balloon


Measure off to appropriate size, twist off, let air out of remainder, tie and cut off extra


So he looks like this


Add artwork -- I always put stripes on the tie to make sure that people recognize it as a tie ;-)


Spongeguy parody that kids love! Copyright Balloon Utopia tm 2012.


Copyright Balloon Utopia tm 2012.

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