How to Make Homemade Make Up Brush Cleaner

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1 cup of any distilled or bottled water. You need filtered water not tap water.

I use my baking cup. I cup of water.

1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol. This agent acts as your disinfectant so make sure you add this in.

This is used for measuring my alcohol. 2 of this makes 1/2 cup.

1/2 tablespoon - you don't have to use this but use any baby shampoo you have. Or any shampoo that is for normal to dry. I use this bec. It has a lavender smell.

1/2 tablespoon - use regular conditioner you have at home. This is necessary so that your brushes bristle remain soft for your face thus providing even application.

1/2 tablespoon - use any detergent you have at home.

I use my baking measuring spoon.

I use Pyrex to mix all my ingredients bec. It has a spout easy pour to my empty spray bottle.

Use spoon or a pen or pencil to stir your combine ingredients.

Voilah your finish product. And you are ready to clean your brushes.

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