How to Decorate Your Desk 💜

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First get the stuff like pencil cups and stuff to stick things in. I got a cute mug that i got for a Christmas present and i put lollipops and candy for decoration.

Get cute sticky notes and notepads to use.

I use these little baskets to throw a bunch of junk in lol.

Get pictures you like to stick on the wall in front of your desk. Motivation pictures or family pictures, basically pictures you enjoy.

Get sayings it make them and stickers to put around the sayings, words, or pictures. Use the push pins to pin things on like pictures and what not.

Post stuff you love like I LOVE Nike products and that little silly band was given to me by a cancer patient; I volunteered in the summer at the hospital.

Hope I helped you or gave you ideas or inspiration on how to decorate your desk! xoxo theresa. 💜💜💜💜💜

Happy decorating! 💜

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