How to Make Quick and Easy Home-Made Ice Cream

Your supplies.

Get your milk ready.

Now pour it into the quart-sized bag.

After, pour 2 Tablespoons of sugar into bag with milk.

Shake and seal gently.

Open bag again and pour 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract into same bag.

Seal and shake gently again.

Now pour 6 tablespoons of salt into gallon-sized bag along with ice.

Again, shake 'n' seal.

Place small bag into big bag. Oh and if your wondering how this is possible, I'll explain. The mixture of ice turns so cold that it causes the contents in the small bag to almost freeze. It's complex.

The next step is crucial! DO NOT MIX INGREDIENTS INTO BIG BAG!!! This will mess it all up. All your simply doing is shaking the bag GENTLY, not allowing the mixture in small bag to spill out!

The shaking, also where I messed up😓 lol. Learn from my mistakes.^ Dont do it like that! Oh yeah and use some mittens to cover your hands. Very chilly!

Once you correctly have shaken the bag for a good 10 minutes, take the small bag out. Throw large bag away.

Cut the bottom corner of the small bag, clean the bag, and there you go. Ice cream! Many more guides on the way :). Ohh and I'll update it every once in a while!

Watch the video: Home Made Ice Cream made in a blender!. One Pot Chef

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