How to Make French Tips! Easy N Get Good Result :)

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Heey! Here are the ways i always do my french manicure. Its super easy and the result is like you just came home from the salon! Check it out pals!

This what u will need! *white nail polish *clear coat *scotch tape *quick dry (optional, its just to make your nails dry faster)

1Put on the tape just like how i did it in the picture. You can put on the tape curve if u want to but i just like it straight :)

2Put on the nail polish just on the tip of your nails and across the tape a little bit.

3Put 2 coat of nail polish, after the second coat directly remove the tape. (dont wait until it gets dry)

*this is the result after you remove the tape.

4Put on the clear coat twice so that your nail polish will last longer.

4After 30sec/1min put on this quick dry. This step is optional, you better use if you have one coz it will orevent your nail polih from getting spoiled till its really2 dry.

This is the final result guys. Its good, neat and nice isnt it? You should try this trick its easy and give you a satisfying result :) goodluck! Catch up with my next tutorial.

Watch the video: DIY french manicure tutorial using DIP powder!

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