How to Frost Cupcakes With a Ziploc Bag

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I'm going to show you how to frost gorgeous cupcakes like these using a ziploc bag (:

Gather your supplies

Spoon your frosting into the ziploc bag

Lick the spoon! Never waste frosting (:

Squeeze the frosting to the bottom of the bag

Twist the bag to keep the frosting moving towards the bottom

Leave the top of the bag open. otherwise if you push the frosting the bag could pop open, and your kitchen would become covered in frosting instead of your cupcakes.

Take your scissors and cut across the bottom of the bag to create your frosting tip of your desired size.

I cut a much larger hole to pipe more frosting onto my cupcakes for a bakery style cupcake.

Squeeze your frosting gradually onto your cupcake while at the same time rotating the cupcake.

To move more frosting towards the bottom by gripping the top and using your fingers to smooth the frosting in the direction of the opening

Slowly pull the frosting bag away from the cupcake to create the little tip at the top of the cupcake.

If you mess up no worries! Just use the bag like a spatula to smooth the frosting around to your liking.

Add whatever kind of topping you want. Get creative! Try coconut like me or crumbled cookies, yum (Enjoy!

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