How to Make My Familia's Traditional Guacamole

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Here are the ingredients. Really simple!

Take out the pit of the avocados & take out the meat. I add the salt now to bind it with the avocado

Chop the onions & add to the avocados. The white onions are powerful, yet fragrant. It adds the sharp note this avocado thrives on.

Dice the tomatoes. Try to do this on a plastic chopping board. Why? Try to save the juices the tomatoes release. It adds a lot of flavor to the guacamole.

Chop the cilantro very finely. Don't throw away the stalks! Chop. It. All. The stalks add a refreshing flavor to the mix. Mix, then add the juice from the lime & lemon. This will stop browning too.

Finely chop the serrano pepper. I put this as optional, as some might want to make a tame guacamole. You can add as many peppers as you think you can handle.

Eat it with totopos or on top of a tostada. Enjoy!

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