How to Make a Simple Updo

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These are the supplies I'll be using.

I slept overnight with curly hair so this is how I'll show you, but it looks very cute with straight hair too:)

First step is to take the top part of your hair and do three twists, diagonally, and secure with bobby pins and spray a little hairspray if needed

Next, take a section of hair from the end of the twists and back comb. Keep taking sections lower until you tease the crown of your head. Make sure to hairspray a tiny bit after each section.

Also, tease the sides.

Without brushing your teased hair, Separate your hair from about your temple, gather and twist into a bun secured by a hair band.

Now split the rest of your hair horizontally and loosely wrap it around the bun.

With your remaining hair, split it in half vertically and twist each part away from the center and wrap around the bun and secure with bobby pins like previous step.

So it looks like this!:) now let's take a look at the front.

I pinned up the sides that were sticking out everywhere. Now spray with sea salt spray everywhere and stick your fingers in to give it texture.

Now you can stick flowers or ribbons in the back if you want

Or a cute headband. (I didn't poof my hair up enough for a headband.)

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