How to Make Coffee Using the Inverted AeroPress Method

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Everything you'll need.

Boil some water.

Weigh 17 grams of unground coffee.

Grind the coffee using a conical burr grinder. Have the grinder set to one bit finer than filter.

Pour the coffee grounds into the AeroPress. Make sure the AeroPress is flipped upside down at this time.

Here's another view of the inverted AeroPress with the coffee inside.

Measure out 250 ml of water.

Test the temperature of the water. It should be around 175° F.

Fill the AeroPress about 1/3 of the way full and start a timer for 30 seconds. This is the bloom stage.

Briefly stir until the coffee is well mixed in with the water.

After the 30 seconds are up, pour the remaining water into the AeroPress. Set another timer for 1 minute.

Wet the filter to remove the paper taste using hot water from your kettle. Place the filter cap inside your mug when doing so, as this will warm the mug.

After the minute is up, screw the filter cap onto the top of the AeroPress and dump the water out of your mug.

Before flipping the AeroPress, get rid of the excess air that's inside by pressing down on the top until coffee begins to bead through the cap.

Carefully flip the AeroPress into it's normal, upright position over the mug. Then, slowly press down on the plunger until you reach the bottom. This should take about 30 seconds.


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