How to Make Sprinkle Nails

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Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you- these are real sprinkles! You can easily achieve this awesome mani that'll shock everyone when you say you did it yourself! Stop drooling and let's get started!

Get your supplies ready to use. Put sprinkles in a big enough bowl to dip your fingernail into without hitting the bottom-- set aside and try not to eat'em.

Make sure hands and nails are squeaky clean and ready for the works!

Start with the basecoat-- the basecoat really does help this manicure last. I use Orly's Bonder Basecoat and love it! You can haphazardly slap it it on, too.

Now take the rest of these steps one nail at a time--- I start with my index and work my way to my pinky. I save the thumbs for last since its larger.

Apply 3 coats of polish, the thickness will help catch the sprinkles. Any color works if it isn't runny. I chose this pale yellow because it reminded me of cake batter--mmm, cake..Ahem..

It should take 15-30 seconds for the polish to become tacky-- now this baby can be dipped!

Curve your finger into a hook shape and dip into the sprinkles; this will ensure the entire nail is covered. Be sure not to hit the bottom of the bowl.

You should have a result like this-- don't worry about those gaps! That's where the "stick" comes into play.

Use the stick to push the sprinkles from the cuticle to the nail bed. Be patient and don't be too rough, the sprinkles can still slide a bit. Clean off the end of the stick if it gets sticky.

You will be able to feel/see when the polish gets more dry, you can better shape the sprinkles-- be sure to gently push the sprinkles into the polish at this time.

It's getting yummy! Move onto the next nail- paint, dip, shape. 1..2..3.. Then you move onto the thick top coat.

Now-- DO NOT BRUSH ON THE TOP COAT-- whew.. Sorry about that. Brushing it on will smear the sprinkle color. Instead, dot on thick drops and spread them if need be. This keeps the sprinkles intact.

And there you have it! Yummy sprinkle nails! You can use other colors-- a darker color can be considered caviar nails. Oh you fancy, huh?

OH! And if you're OCD like me and decide to pick the sprinkles off, you're still left with a weird but cool result I like to call "Funkfetti" ha! Enjoy!!!

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