How to Make a Vanilla Latte Using Inbru and an Aeropress

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Gather supplies.

Inbru adds no sugar, fat, calories and is gluten free. More info at

Add coffee to maker. I use an Aeropress inverted.

Add 1 scoop of Inbru Vanilla Bean flavor per cup, more or less depending on your taste.

Inbru added to coffee. No need to mix at this point.

Boil water.

Boil to 175 or thereabouts.

Add water to coffee and Inbru.

Stir 10 seconds and let sit for a minute.

Push plunger to top to get rid of air.

Invert Aeropress.

Plunge down 30 seconds into cup.

Use an Aerolatte to froth warm milk.

Add milk to your hot coffee.


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