How to make 5-ingredient chicken wings

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Preheat your oven to 180C/350F and place the chicken on a few layers of kitchen towel. (PS: make sure the extended part of the wing is cut off cause it will burn!)

Press it down with a good amount of pressure. This is to remove the excess moisture that we don't want. Since we aren't frying them, a dry chicken is key to getting a crispy chicken!

Before patting it dry.

After! You might not be able to see much difference but you'd be able to feel it ;)

Now, with the chicken facing down, season with salt and pepper.

Flip it over and season again, then spray with oil spray or light drizzle with canola oil.

Then bake it till golden brown at 180C/350F.

Now while it's cooling down for 5mins, get a big bowl and place the honey and hot sauce. Give it a good mix.

Then place the chicken in.

And mix it real good. Make sure every inch of it is coated.

Then place it back in the oven at 200C/375F for 5-7mins.


Sexiness on a plate

Dig in!!!

Go make some chicken wings while I have a homemade feast with my family

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