How to incorporate your kids into a core workout

No supplies needed. i just make use of my kids who want to "help" anyway. My kids are 13, 8 and 4.

Get in plank. This means hands shoulder width apart, back flat and legs straight out behind you. If you are doing a traditional plank, feet should be side by side.

Like this. You can be on forearms for the traditional plank. Hold for 30 seconds.. Or 10... Or a minute.. However long you can or however long your kids let you. Do this twice.

If you have a child on your back, widen your stance so that your legs are spread out even with your shoulders.

Now use a teen and play plank 5. We could do 20 before the 4 year old slid off my back. You are basically in plank and touching hands across. Try to keep your body still!

You will notice that my back is not flat on the plank 5's. it is super difficult to keep your core engaged and a flat back with a 4 year old playing rodeo.. But it's a great workout!

After a couple sets of plank 5's.. Give yourself a minute to rest. Then get ready for airplane crunches!

For this excerise, get the small child settled on your legs and balanced and then do a couple sets of 20 crunches. Try to keep your core and legs still.

Keep in mind that airplane crunches are about the crunch. Don't worry, it gets harder.

Now ask your child to straighten arms and legs. This makes you have to balance even more! Once the child gets set, curl up, get your shoulders off the floor and hold.

You can either hold for as long as possible, or try to pump your arms up and down 100 times. Just small movements..but 100 of them!

As your core is BURNING, crunch up higher and touch foreheads!

Let your child down softly and take a minute to breathe!

Now, get the older elementary child involved. Lay on the floor with legs bent at a 90 degree angle pointed towards ceiling.

Have child turn around and push your legs towards that elusive straight legged 90 degree mark while you push towards the floor.

It should look like this!

You can even hold the child's hand for a great stretch. Even better if you can get the child to make faces at the camera!

Next sit on the floor in a V. Use your big kid and you can both get a great leg stretch. If one of you is flexible (kid) and the other isn't (me).. That's okay, just stretch as far as you can.

Let your small child climb on your back (or head in this case)!

One person will pull the other and hold for 10-30 seconds. Then the other person pulls.

If you have a "baby kangaroo" on you, you will get not only a great leg stretch, but a core workout too!

Back and forth we go.

After the v stretches, give yourself another minute break.

Then pick up the small child and use her for a weight.

Do a set of 10 bicep curls.

Then flip the child over and let her fly. Keep your arms tucked close to your sides and rotate the child around in a twisting fashion.

Side to side. Be deliberate, don't just swing side to side, but slowly rotate your torso.

Now holding the child close, squat like you are going to sit in a chair. Repeat 20 times.

Want to take it up a notch? Roll the child up to your shoulders and see how many of the torso twists and squats you can get in before you need to kiss the child's tummy!

We didn't make it very long, but there is nothing better than exercise while loving on and laughing with your children!

Finally, it's time for the bridge. Lay on the floor with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent to 90 degrees. Keep your shoulders on the ground and lift your core off the ground.

Try to get your hips and back in a straight line from knee to shoulder!

Hold for 30 seconds and repeat.

If anyone has remaining energy, go through the entire workout again!

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