How to make a smoked sausage, bacon and turkey sandwich

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Here are mi ingredients for the "sanmich"

Start by frying your bacon , make sure to save some of the bacon grease.

Add about two tbs of the bacon grease in a pan.

Add a tsp of minced garlic. Ps: always keep mince garlic in your pantry, goes with everything.

Add your sausages into that pan

Fry it until it looks like that . Sorta a little burnt.

Random bacon picture because.....bacon.

Cut your sausage in half like so

Add about half a of tablespoon of butter in a pan.

Add add your bread and cheese to your liking

Add the sausage first



Bread?! Yup bread, now flip your sandwich over and let the other side toast.

Badshoochh.. Meaty , cheesay and easy. Yummay

Watch the video: Gordon Ramsay Makes the Ultimate Cajun Breakfast Sandwich. Scrambled


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