How to use a dark banana

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There's always one that gets left behind. This is money that gets thrown away. Save that money!

Grab a plastic baggie.

Unpeeled it looks perty good. But nobody will even try with that dark peel.

So slice it up.

Like so.

In the baggie.

Separate so not in a bunch.

In the freezer they go. When you get enough you can make a few things.

The most obvious is to mash up and make Banana Bread.

Blend up your frozen bananas for a "soft serve" ice cream feel. Add peanut butter and chocolate chips for an even tastier treat.

Or add milk to that "soft serve" and get a banana smoothie.

Or just cover the frozen slices in chocolate for pop in your mouth morsels.

Even better make a frozen banana/ peanut butter sandwich ...Then cover in chocolate. Mmm-Mmm..Elvis would love these!

Slice thin and dehydrate for banana chips.

Or just "hide" some nutrients by mashing into any cake batter, brownies, pancakes, or breads. Enjoy!

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