How to make focaccia

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Rather than type everything again please follow my pizza recipe up to stage 6 and then carry on as follows!

Lightly flour a large baking tray.

Tip dough out onto surface, knead for 20 seconds and then flatten out to approximately the same shape as your baking tray.

Pour on a good slug of olive oil and your toppings. In this case I've used basil and black olives. Don't worry if it doesn't fit the tray yet.

Using fingertips spread oil and toppings over the dough and push dimples into the bread. As you do this it'll fit the tray better. When done, sprinkle with salt and put aside to rise for an hour.

After an hour preheat the oven to around 220c. Once it's hot put the bread in and cook for 25-30mins. When cooked take out, put on a cooling rack and trickle more oil over. The bread will absorb it.

Once it's cooled for at least 20 minutes, cut up and serve. Any that doesn't get eaten can be put in a bag and frozen for later consumption.

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