How to Make a Quick Cooking Kiwi Pavlova.

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The recipe - a great way to make a Pav and not have to take all day. Lovely and crisp outside and marshmallowy in centre.


Beater and cold bowl to mix. I placed in bottom of freezer for half an hour.

Break eggs into bowl careful not to get any yolk in bowl. Discard yolk if not needing for something else.

Add sugar

Then corn flour

Boiling water next.

Vinegar (recipe doesn't specify - I used cider)

Add vanilla

Use hand beater to mix until thick and glossy. Can also use a cake mixer with stainless steel bowl.

May take a few minutes.

Starting to get there.

Just about right. The colder the bowl the quicker you'll get the required consistency.

Perfect silky and smooth. All the sugar should have dissolved.

Line a baking tray with baking paper.

Add secret ingredient. Choc chips and ...... (Thanks for the inspiration - Cafe 39, Owhango!)

.....and 2 Cadbury mini flakes.

Bash em with a rolling pin. Ps any stress now sorted.


Gently fold in to mixture.

Make four individual rounds in try.

Cook in preheated oven at 150 C or 300 F

Centre tray

For 30 min

Prepare strawberries and cream.

Chop kiwi fruit.

Chocolate sauce if your like.

After half an hour should be firm to the touch but still pretty brittle. They may break apart but still taste amazing.

Beat cream

Place pav on plate, top with cream fruit and chocolate sauce. ENJOY!

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