How to cook some weird autumnal ravioli

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I chopped, boiled and mashed two potatoes. It was too many potatoes. Oh and chopped and sweat some kale in a pan and added that to the potatoes.

Lobster, chanterelle and shiitake mushrooms. I rehydrated them, then sliced and fried them.

Confit of duck gizzards. I fried them in a little duck fat until crisped just a bit, then I sliced them roughly.

It's wonderful to be unprepared when guests come for dinner and you tell them you're having homemade pasta.

Everyone gets excited to help and with all that cranking of the dough you're building good forearm strength. Their lovers should be writing you thank-you cards as far as I'm concerned.

My handsome dinner date Chris was 'having at' the pasta machine.

We just rolled out these big swaths of dough and I finally persuaded myself that they had to be cut to actually make the ravioli. I really don't know what goes on in my head sometimes, really.

I made a small cushion of potato, quite flat. To that I added a layer of gizzard and then a sprinkling of mushroom.

I whisked an egg in a bowl and with a paintbrush I painted three sides where the ravioli would need some tender loving, a 'coming together' if you will. Then I folded it over onto itself.

Boiled for 3 minutes, seared in butter and topped with a reduction of the mushroom stock with butter and cream and some fried shallots. Honestly I could have just eaten a bowl of those shallots.

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