How to make a to-go lunch salad

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Use a take out soup container (or a mason jar, or a tall Tupperware container). Add 4 tbs extra virgin olive oil & 2 tbs balsamic vinegar.

You can substitute any dressing and also add salt/pepper if you'd like.

Added 5 baby carrots curb into small pieces.

Add about 10 grape tomatoes cut in half.

Add 2 radishes sliced up.

Add 2 sliced baby portobello mushrooms.

Add 1/4 sliced avocado.

Add 2 slices beets (pickled or unpickled/fresh or canned).

Add 5 kalamata olives cut in half.

Add feta cheese (or any cheese of choice).

Add arugula (or any greens). You can really stuff it in there if you want. It's hard to shake the container (and mix the dressing with the salad) if it is very stuffed. You can also add chicken/nuts.

Can refrigerate for several days. Once you're ready to eat, you can shake the container, or you can pour contents into a bowl (if it's too stuffed and contents don't move easily).

I make 2 at a time and take them both to work to have for 2 days. The important part is to keep the greens from the dressing so it doesn't get soggy (keep in upright position).

Update: same idea, different salad. This salad had canned corn & carrots at the bottom, tomatoes, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, avocado, parsley, and greens. This pic shows the bottom of the salad.

Salad all mixed up! Delish! (P.S. I poured the salad in a bowl bc I have one at work, but the same to-go soup container was used as in previous pics).

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