How to clean squid

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Place squid in strainer

Begin to rinse. Pull head out while squeezing/pushing guts out. Some people cut the tentacles off below the eyes and cook them the same way. Up to you... They are rather tasty.

Try to remove as much guts as possible. Don't be surprised if a small fish comes out occasionally.

Remove the spine. Pull down around tip.

Grip with finger tips and pull straight out.

Try to remove the entire spine in one go. Older squid may be softer and break. Don't worry, we will get the rest out later.

Pinch the "wings" together and pull them down and off.

If the wing are large enough some people remove the skin and fry them up.

Remove the rest of the skin under running water. Previously frozen squid is easier to remove the skin from. Very fresh squid may require a small cut into the top to help get it started.

Take the blunt side of your knife and squeeze any remaining guts out.

Slice a small tip off the top.

Slice a small tip off the end to make a tube.

Run cold water through the tube.

Being mindful not to tare/rip the tube... Squeeze your finger into the tube along the spine to remove any left over guts and spine.

Slice tubes into 1/2 inch rings. Be mindful to line the tube up like this.

Not like this...

Once you have the rings put them back into the strainer and under running water give them one last cleaning. Be mindful of taring the rings.

Final Rinse. Drain.

Place them in a glass bowl if possible... I soak them in either whole milk or butter milk overnight to tenderize them.

Make sure you put an airtight lid on them when you place them in the refrigerator. In 24 hours we will be ready to make fresh calamari!

Disregard the reminds in a trash out of the house! You will regret it if you just toss them in the kitchen trash and leave them there overnight!

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