How to cook meatball and spaghetti soup

Chop finely an onion & mix with beef & 1 egg. I don't add because my son is not fond of spices.

With wet hands form meatballs and line in a board.

Julienne carrots and onion

Place a pot with water on stove and start heating until it boils. Put salt

Place a pan and a tbsp of oil, heat

Get your spaghetti angel hair ready

Cut potatoes

Put meatball into a boiling water. Get rid of yucky stuff on the surface as meatballs start cooking.

Like that

Stir fry onion and carrots in a pan and with a tomato and paprika paste.

Meatballs are simmering.

Add some water to carrots

Add stir fry to meatballs and potatoe after that . Check salt

Add some spaghetti when potatoe is almost ready.

And chopped or ground garlic when spaghetti is almost ready.


Watch the video: Italian Grandma Makes Italian Wedding Soup Meatball Soup

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