How to cook a quick meal for cheap

Hear oven to 400 degrees. Put chicken patties on cookie sheet. Place garlic bread on cookie sheet.

I can usually buy these in bags of 10-12 for under $3.

Clearances are great if you use them right away!

Start the water for the noodles.. Cook as directed on box. Start spaghetti sauce. I used 1 can of hunts spaghetti sauce and added a few of my own spices.

1 can hunts sauce $1

1lb Kroger spaghetti noodles $1

Chop some lettuce and whatever you like for salad.

Head of lettuce $1


Place 1 patty on noodles

Add cheese.. I was out of shredded so I used sliced. Lol

Cover in sauce. Sprinkle with Parmesan.

Get some salad and garlic bread. I had some leftover coleslaw I added too.

Enjoy my family's version of quick and cheap Chicken Parmesan! Cost under $10!

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