How to roast eggplant

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Eggplant, a piece of butter, lemon thyme and marjoram.

You can use whatever herb you have in your garden

Grab your eggplants.


Take the tops off

Slice your eggplant in half

Sprinkle with salt

Let them "cry"

A little bit more

For about 10 minutes, depending on the size.

Dry it

If they look like this, you are in the right direction. Remember that if you using bigger eggplant it might be a good idea to cut into smaller pieces, lengthwise or not..

Heat up your fancy pot. Medium high.

Add a little bit of olive oil. Be generous

Add your eggplant face down

If it seems too hot, turn the heat down a bit.

After a couple of minutes try to turn one and see how they look.


Flip them when they look like this

It will smell very good.

Add some lemon juice.


Let it cook. When you press the eggplant, your finger should feel no resistance. If you are using bigger eggplant just add a little stock or water and cover with the lid.

Get a kitchen towel ready

Lay your eggplants.

Peel the skin or not.

...Or yes. If i'ts too hot for you, it might be a good idea to peel them before they go in the pot. If the skin is thin just leave it.

Lay on a plate

Salt, pepper and olive oil. Maybe some chili.

On toasts or not

Spread some pesto

Go bananas...

Balsamic... Or whatever condiment you feel like having it with. Yogurt could be good too.


Or eat it all.

It will taste better with a glass of vino. Happy labor day.

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