How to jazz up your headphones!

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Start off with 3 color choices. Remember you can do any color combination. And cut about 1 ft. Of each color.

Take the 3 threads and tie them to the end of the headphones.

Take one color (peach) long strand separate and grab the rest of the strands against the headphones. Use the peach strand and start making knots.

Continue with the same strand to make knots, you'll notice the small knots creating a spirally design and it's covering up the loose strands.

Continue making knots throughout! Until desired length of the color.

Color switch! To switch colors, just pick up a new color strand and pull that strand away and put the old strand with the rest of the bunch! Then continue making knots!

Continue making knots with new color!

When nearing time to switch out new colors or add more strands, just pick 3 more colors and start intervening them together.

Once reaching the end, tie knots so they are secure!

Cut the rest of the threads and you are done!

Enjoy your music with some pretty colored headphones that are personalized for you! Please let me know if I can help answer any questions along the way.

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