How to make a rainbow-loom christmas wreath

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Stretch one band from bottom to the next one up. Push it down.

Stretch two bands across to the pin diagonal. Double the bands. Also, do the right side first.

Go up on each side until you reach three. Do the right side first. Double the bands.

Close the end by going diagonally. This time do left first. Double the bands.

Put a capping band on the top, made out of double bands. Twist it two times.

Turn around. Reach under cap band, grab top 2 bands and pull to the next peg. Do to other side too.

Reach to the bottom bands and bring forward. Continue until end.

Get bands at the bottom, then go diagonally.

Reach hook under all bands and bring to the top peg.

(Sorry, blurry!) Bring band onto hook.

PULL OFF!!!!!!!!! I recommend starting from the bottom.

Finished product!

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