How to clean a belly button piercing

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Make sure your hands are sparkly clean so no bad bacteria can be transferred from your hands to your belly button✨✨

Grab your saline wound spray! You can get them at Walgreens , Walmart , or your local tattoo salon

Take your q-tip in one hand

And spray the saline spray on your belly button with the other !

Get ready to clean clean clean with your q-tip!

What you wanna do is take your index finger , and push the belly button ring from the bottom up . The blue arrow kind've tells you how to push it up.

The top of the barbell should now be showing as you keep your finger pushing it up . The blue indicates the top of the barbell and the pink indicates the gem✨ the green arrows show to clean with q-tip

Next,push down on the barbell after cleaning the top.once again the blue indicates the bottom of the barbell & the pink indicates the gem. The green indicates where you should be cleaning with q-tip

After drying off the belly button , you can throw out your dirty q-tip and say bye . Use a clean q-tip every time you clean it obviously .

Now you have a clean happy belly button! :D clean it 2-3 times a day!

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