How to make a "zippy chain" rainbow loom bracelet

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Placing the bands

Step one- Start with the arrow facing away from you and put a blue band on the loom as shown above

Step two- Then Put a pink band straight up

Step three-Another blue band

Step four- Now a purple here

Step five- And place a purple here ( ignore the blue bands until next step)

Step six-Put two blue bands on either side and a pink in the middle

Put a purple here and continue steps 5-6 until you get to the end

It should look like this

Add a pink triangle to the end

Looping the bands

Turn loom over so the arrow is facing you

Take the top purple band

And loop it over here

Take the other purple band

Loop that there

Take the pink band

Loop it up

Take the top purple

Loop it here

Loop the pink one straight up

Do this all the way up

Now take the blue

Loop that up

Take the other blue band

Loop that straight up

Keep looping like this all the way up

When you get to the end loop the last two over the very last top peg

Like so

It should look like this

Now on the top put your needle through the top peg

Lean it side ways

Hook on a pink band

Loop it through

Pull it up

Take it off slowly

Wala! But you're not done!


Place a row of pink bands on one side I the loom

Flip loom around

Attach bracelet to the end

Grab the pink band

Loop it up

Do this all the way up

Now take a c-clip

Put it at the end of the bands; at the top

Remove from the loom

Here's it almost done

Attach the c-clip to the other end of the bracelet

All done! So cool!

All done! Should I post more rainbow loom designs or not? Comment please! Don't forget to follow and like also!;) Have an amazing day!



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