How to thread a sewing machine

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Swivel spool pin to insert your thread.

Bring the thread to the first thread guide. Follow the arrows down the front of the machine.

Look on the machine for arrows and pictures!

Bring the thread to the second thread guide. Follow the arrows down and then back up to #3.

Around and back up!

Continue to the third thread guide.

You may need to turn the hand wheel to bring the eye up.

On to thread guide four.

Thread guide in front

Don't forget the thread guide on the side

Cut the thread at a nice sharp angle.

Thread the needle from front to back.

Hold the thread off to the left so it doesn't wrap around the needle.

Slide open the slide plate and insert thebobbin. It should look like a p not a q.


Follow the thread guide in bobbin case. There's even a picture on the slide plate.

Pull the two tails off to the left then turn hand wheel towards you bringing the needle all the way down and all the way up.

See that loop?


See that loop pull it through, and put the two tails to the back. Now you're ready to sew!

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