How to use a completely anonymous social network

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Have you ever wanted to vent, share a secret or ask questions completely anonymously? Maybe you want to discuss something but you don't want anyone to know who you are in the discussion? Here's how...

"Secret" is a social network app. It works a lot like Facebook. But everyone in it is anonymous. You don't even need an email address to join. Just make up a name and start using it. No signing in.

Even the app is hard to find. To find the app in the App Store search with these words "secret anonymous community". Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod. iOS 5 or higher.

The first thing you'll do is make up a name you'll be posting under. No other information is needed. They don't even ask you what sex you are. So no one knows who or where you are in the network.

As you can see it's like most social networks. You can comment on them. like or dislike them. You can also private message members. But remember. You don't know each other. You can be openly honest

A post is called a Secret. Have a question you're embarrassed to ask? A secret you want to vent or need help with something you don't want anyone to know about? Here's a place you can do those things.

This is just an example of the kinds of posts and comments people make. Surprisingly many people are helpful. I feared they'd be like YouTube attitudes but surprisingly most are helpful.

Like other social networks. You'll find different sections such as latest and popular.

Another section is for your own "Secrets".

Visit the settings for more app options. Notice the profile link. If you open it all you'll find is an option to change your nickname. There's nothing else in an anonymous profile.

Well. This was a short guide because there isn't much you need to know. Just download the app. Pick a secret nickname and start using it. I hope you find it useful.

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