How to put an inexpensive secret safe in your home

This guide will show you a way to hide your valuables in your home. That's exactly what this guide will teach you how to do.

Does this look like a place you'd look for something valuable? Of course not. But little will the burglar know that this is where the real valuables are hidden.

Take your wall socket mounting box and put your valuables in it.

The only difference between installing this and a real one is you don't have to hook up any electric wiring. So you can mount this anywhere you want to in your home.

You mount this to a wall just like you do if it was a real working socket or light switch.

Mount it to a wall. Then screw the plate on. You'll be able to open your safe anytime by simply unscrewing and removing the plate.

Keep in mind that these come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. They also come with metal boxes.

They do make ready made wall socket safes. But now you know you don't have to spend a lot of money on them. Plus the ready made ones won't match the rest of your home and burglars might recognize them

Another idea is to mount a fake one outside your house or in your garage for spare keys.

For my last step about hiding spare keys in fake outdoor or garage sockets. You could put the key in a small combination safe then hide it in the fake wall socket for extra precaution.

By making your own to match the rest of the wall sockets and light switches in your home. A burglar would have to take the time to check them all. Which is unlikely they'll take the time to do.

One last suggestion though I'm sure this isn't necessary. To make the outlet seem to be a working outlet. Plug a phone charger cord into it. Hey, I'm a magician. I like deception. :)


Watch the video: Console Vault - Secret Hidden Wall Safe

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