How to cook plum jam with madeira wine

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Remove the plum stones and chop/cut into smaller pieces. My plums were very ripe so I just used a pair of scissors.

Add the sugar.

Also add the cinnamon sticks, the lemon peel..

..and the lemon juice.

Heat it up. I almost forgot the ginger so I added it at this stage.

Stir and let boil for about 5 minutes depending on how ripe the fruit is. After a while a lot if foam bubbles up (no photo on that stage though). Remove any foam and pull off the heat.

Add the Madeira wine, it gives the jam extra character. If you cannot get ahold of Madeira wine you can also use plum liquor or perhaps calvados.

Stir again. Pour the jam into sterilized warm jars. Sorry to say I don't have any photos of this because it got really messy and I was afraid I'd get a plum-coated phone....

When pouring the jam into the jars I discarded some of the juices. This is of course optional, but I don't like my jam too thin.

Next time I eat cheese I'll for sure try it with this, I'm guessing it goes best with aged hard cheeses such as (Swedish) Prästost, French Cantal or Nigella's favorite Swedish cheese Västerbotten.

It is also great on toast!

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