How to quick fried egg benedict

Gather all you ingredients

Get your pan and pots ready

I love this cook shop pan a as you don't need oil

Ok this is cheating - but it is quick fried eggs Benedict lol - pour sauce in pan or you can make your own hollandaise sauce

Be generous and use it all

Simmer on low heat - don't over cook or boil or it will curdle

Start to fry your bacon

Get your muffins - one per person. I'm cooking for two on this occasion

Slice in half

Once cut pop into toaster

Keep an eye on your bacon - coming along nicely

Now start to fry your eggs on a high heat and cook as desired

Now to plate up - first layer is your muffins

Now add a slice off bacon

Now add your eggs

Now add a small amount off salmon

Add sauce and hey pesto one lovely bunch or breakfast meal- sorry folk my iphone picture off the fished item was corrupted so had to use alternative photo

Tuck in and enjoy :)

Watch the video: Alton Brown Makes the Perfect Poached Egg. Food Network

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