How to make brazilian pudim (flan)

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Fill rectangle deep dish with water about half way and set aside

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Add 3 small mugs of sugar into the pan and keep the stove at LOW heat. Stir frequently until it becomes caramelized liquid.

Gradually the sugar with lump with liquid on the bottom. Continue stirring!

Becoming more liquid! Keep stirring!

All liquid without any chunks - all ready!

Slowly pour the sugar on the middle of the bundt form pan and allow to simmer down. Make sure the edges of the pan have a thin layer.

Rotate the bundt form pan carefully to give the side of the pan a thin layer as well.

Set the pan down and allow to cool. As the sugar cools down you can make the egg/milk blend:

First, Break 4 eggs into the blender.

Add the whole can of condensed milk

Using the can, add 2 cans of milk

Now blend!

Make sure the sugar has cooled then add the blend to the sugar slowly until it is about a centimeter below the sugar edge.

Below the sugar edge!

Put the bundt form pan inside the rectangle deep dish filled with water. Slowly!

Put the whole thing in the oven carefully.

A little over an hour later it should look like this.

Knife test: Slowly insert the knife completely upright into the Pudim. When you remove the knife, if there is anything on it, the Pudim is not ready. If it comes out completely clean, it is ready!

Let it cool for 20 minutes outside the oven then put into the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Place a plate/serving dish on top of the bundt form pan and QUICKLY flip upside down.

Lift the bundt form pan slowly at an angle and the Pudim should be sitting flawlessly... preferably in the middle of the dish.

Center the Pudim very carefully and dress with desired fruits or berries. Enjoy!

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