How to make meiji yataiman burger diy japanese candy

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Pack includes SILVER Packet Strawberry Sauce, Clear Tray Wafer Burger Buns, Clear Orange Bag with gummies -Burger (Cola), Lettuce(Apple), Cheese(Pineapple)

Under white lid are Burger Buns made of fragile wafer, be careful

Prep your burger assembly station-Remove all gummies from bag and place on mat

Carefully break Wafer Burger Buns to separate top and bottom bun

Lay your bottom wafers out and place Burger Gummies (Cola Flavor)

Top Burgers with Cheese Gummy ( Pineapple Flavor)

Top Burgers with Lettuce Gummies (Green Apple flavor)

Snip end of SILVER Packet open---Drizzle Burgers with Yummy Strawberry Sauce

Looks like there are real Berry bits!!! Put your top buns on all of the burgers

Here we have the Yataiman Burger *^~^* Cute and fun beginner Japanese DIY project!!! All candies bought in or their store in Altoona, PA *^~^*

Watch the video: DIY Japanese Candy #050 Kracie vs meiji Takoyaki Diy Candy


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