How to build a bathroom in minecraft: pe edition

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This bathroom will be made in Creative mode, yet all the supplies can be easily gathered in Survival. Let's get building!

First, create the outside walls of the bathroom. I chose snow and spruce wood for my theme!

The flooring is your choice, I just went with clay and sandstone to add a little colour!

Higher up windows allows you to have privacy in here!

To make a bath, dig out a 2x2 hole in one corner. Fill the hole in, using the same material you'll make the outside steps with, so it blends well. I chose Quartz!

Fill her up! Two bucket loads ought to do it!

Add two iron fences like so, to provide a railing to help you get in and out the bath. Don't slip!

Unfortunately, you can't make a working shower without redstone. You can make a fake shower head though, with some slabs and a trapdoor!

To begin building the toilet, try to place two stair blocks like so. You may need to dig down to get the right angle, it's quite tricky!

Now, in the same colour as your stair blocks, place a block on top. This is the back of the toilet.

One trapdoor on the other stair block, and the toilet is complete! It's quite big, but what isn't in Minecraft!

Oops, almost forgot the bath mats!

There we go, almost there! Time to build further features in this flashy bathroom!

Ladders on the wall make for excellent towel racks!

Why, that's me! One simple wooden stair block and the right painting can make for a floor length mirror.

Finally, the sink. You mustn't forget to wash your hands! To avoid making the sink too big, build it in the corner, then you only need two blocks to stop the water going everywhere!

Black carpet creates a modern style counter top.

Time to add a few paintings to really make the room fancy!

Is this sponge too big for the bath????

One grass block, one trapdoor and a plant of choice. A nice little touch to any room.

I think the rubber ducky is trying to escape!

Finish the roof and add a few lights to prevent the monsters from spawning and ruining your bath!

Torches to make a nice mood lighting and the room is complete!

Thank you for reading! Thanks to Art with Ghada for the request!

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