How to make lip scrub

Chapstick not cuttin it? Maybe we need to get rid of that dead skin on those lips. Apply to dry lips circular motion, rinse off,wipe off with towel, and apply fave Chapstick to new soft lips.

8 drops of cinnamon leaf essential oil into a mixing container with enough room for mashing.

One entire cherry Chapstick (complements the cinnamon wonderfully)

Start out with 1tablespoon extra Virginia olive oil

Add white granulated sugar to desired consistency

Mashing (I used a spoon ) all ingredients until no more Chapstick pieces are visible .(this part takes patience) mix extremely well . Mash mash mash squish

Viola ! Spoon gently into containers (makes two 1/2 oz jars) I super glued some lip charms from hobby lobby on the top lid for presentation sake

Watch the video: 4 DIY Lip Scrub Recipes. Easy Homemade Lip Scrubs

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