How to make easy greek cheese-pies

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Gather all your ingredients together

Preheat your oven in 180 degrees

Mix the flour with the butter. NOTE: do not melt the butter, cut it in small pieces!

Add the yogurt and mash until become a mass

Cut your feta cheese (as much as you want ) in small pieces

Add the mozzarella cheese also. NOTE: In this step you can add whatever cheese you prefer. You can also add sausages or bacon!

Cut the dough in small balls...

...and press it like this or use a small rolling pin

Fill the dough with your filling choice

And close it like this .

Cover the pies with some egg in order to take better colour after the baking. Bake in 180 degrees until they get golden colour

And we are waiting ...

They are ready to taste them !!! 😋 Bon appetite !!!

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