How to make strawberries dipped in chocolate

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Wash your strawberries

Make sure they are dry

Grab your chocolate chips ( these I buy at Michael's)

Place them in a microwaveable dish

Put them in for 30 secs

Take them out and stir them up... They might look like nothing happen but when you start stirring you will see some have melted toward the bottom

Put them back in in intervals of 15 secs and stir each time until it's nice and smooth. It might take 2 more intervals depending in your microwave.

Start dipping... If you can't dip it all move it in a circular motion

Should be nice and smooth

Here they are all done!! You can continue and decorate is you like.

I didn't have white chocolate , bit I did have frosting so I used this...

Spoon it in a ziplock and cut a hole. Make sure the frosting is not straight out of the fridge and it it is spoon it on a plate fore 5-10 secs then add in bag to pipe


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