How to spark your creativity using the brainsparker app

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Every day we face problems and challenges that crop up in our life, at work or with our creative projects. It's easy to go with our first ideas, but the truth is, these aren't always the best ideas.

The biggest problem with creativity is that we get into a routine way of thinking. So what our brains really need is something to jolt them out of the routine and create new connections.

As soon as you spark your brain, you stir up your creative juices, trigger your imagination and unleash your ability to think more creatively and come up with new ideas.

That's where the brainsparker app comes in. We've created it for the sole purpose of disrupting your routine thinking so you can come up with better and smarter ideas.

Firstly, download brainsparker from iTunes. Then think about your challenge. Shake your phone to shuffle up the cards and tap to pick a random one. Then reflect on what new ideas this card sparks.

Give your brain a real creativity workout with over 200 different words, quotes, images, actions and questions. You'll be amazed at how they can prompt you to think differently.

Plus, for a daily boost of creativity, you can schedule a daily brainsparker that gets delivered to your iPhone or iPad at the same time every day.

And you can share your brainsparker inspirations with friends and colleagues via Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS. You never know what it might spark for others!

So if you really want to boost your ability to think creatively, overcome blocks and come up with new and different ideas, we reckon you should give our brainsparker app a go.

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