How to make sprinkle rim shot glasses

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Purchase supplies. -100 shot glasses -One 8oz container of sprinkles (8oz is enough to do 100 shot glasses) -1/4 cup white melting chocolate (if that)

Choose color of sprinkles you want to use and place in a small shallow bowl. I mixed silver and clear sprinkles together (silver sprinkles were 3x as expensive as clear and it gave the same effect).

Heat and melt white chocolate. I've found that using a chocolate melting pot is easiest. Melting chocolate is finicky. Place a small amount (1 tablespoon) of melted chocolate on a flat surface.

Dip rim of shot glass into the melted chocolate and immediately into sprinkles. Thinner layer of chocolate, the better (believe me) the chocolate and sprinkles will run down the glass.

The chocolate will set very quickly. I always place on a tray so they can be moved all at once.

Serve with your favorite beverage and enjoy!

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