How to make plaster masks

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Put your hair back and push your sleeves up! We're ready to go!

Yes, that's Vaseline. Smear it on your face until the area you'll be using is coated. Make sure your eyebrows are coated well, or they may not be there after you pull the mask off.

I add tissue paper to my forehead to protect my hair. And yes, I know I look cool.

Don't forget your lips!!

Sprinkle plaster on to the cold water until it's the consistency of thin pancake batter.

Smooth the plaster into the gauze.

Start by creating an X over the top of your nose. Smooth the plaster in between applications to help it stick better.

Overlap each piece of gauze with the previous, and remember to smooth them out. Fold gauze around the edge of your face so you don't have to try to shape it when it's dry.

Continue astound the entire face, keeping your face still until complete and set.

Almost done! You need at least 2 layers to make the mask thick enough

Done! Wait until set then wiggle your face until you can pull the mask off.

Thinking about cleaning up now.

Yep, definitely cleaning up now!!

Thanks to my film crew, still photographer not pictured.

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