How to make a heart photo wall with lights

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A glance at the finished product.

Get yourself a space on your wall for this project or a big cork board of some kind. We also recommend a large canvas, a sheet of wood, whatever you can get your hands on as long as it’s big enough.

You can free-hand your heart shaped photo wall or we’ve made it easier and offer it on our Shopify store for purchase. Adhere the collage onto your space using our double-sided tape that comes with.

Start attaching your prints to the wall with the help of the collage and the double sided tape.

Carefully remove the heart collage to reveal the photo prints in a heart shape.

Voila! Instant heart display.

Attach the thumbtacks around the photos at each corner of every photo – follow it to surround the heart.

Starting at the bottom of the heart, start wrapping the lights around the thumbtacks and work your way around each corner of every photo. Leave enough string at the bottom so it can be plugged in.

That's it! Happy Valentine's Day.


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