How to cover a textbook

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A brown paper bag (from a grocery store) works best. You will also need scissors, tape, and the book you want covered.

Cut up the side of the bag.

Cut the square bottom of the bag along all 4 edges, so that it comes off.

You should have one long bag, laid out flat.

Put the book in the center of the bag. Crease along the top and bottom of the book.

Fold the bag along the top crease.

Next, fold along the bottom crease.

The bag should now be the same height as the book.

Fold the left side of the bag over, creating an "envelope"

Slide the front (or back) cover into the envelope.

Tape the top and bottom so that the book doesn't slide out.

Almost finished!

Cut the extra bag on the back of your book, leaving about 6 inches.

Make another envelope and put the back cover into the bag.

Tape the cover securely, and now you have a book cover!

Watch the video: Wrapping books to cover them and make them more decorative.


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