How to make coris diy squid candy

Coris Mini DIY Squid Candy Kit

Contents: COLA Candy Taffy--RAMUNE SODA Candy Taffy--Candy Squid Mold--Tentacle Pusher Mold

Close Up of Molds

Yummy Ramune and Cola "Taffy"

Mold and Pusher

Knead the Candy packets thoroughly then open and pull a proper size piece to fit the mold

Fill the one side of the mold with Candy "taffy"

Fill other side of mold with Candy "taffy"

Push into mold then flip over to pop out-How cute are you little cola squiddie!!

Pull off another piece of Candy "taffy" an d put it in the mold squeezer

Make sure taffy is kneaded properly or it will be very difficult to push through with the plunger

Push taffy through mold with plunger to make "tentacles"

Do same with other flavors

Now you have some little squids!!

Have fun -mix colors and make some more squids!

Squid Family-They're shiny and pearly

Watch the video: Coris Horadekita Japanese DIY Candies

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