How to make the world's real best lasagna

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Let's start with the sausage. If you buy in casings go ahead and squeeze it all out. It'll look gross but it's well worth it!

After you squeeze it all out shape them into little balls smaller than a golf ball. Unlike the meatballs we're going for consistent temperature inside and out so they should be a bit smaller.

Fry them just like the meatballs. If you need more instructions check out my guide for mmmmetballs. After you drain them....

Add them into the gravy. Let them cook along with the meatballs on medium low for about an hour.

Now boil a bit pot of water.

Never ever ever ever forget to add salt to the water. It should be as salty as the ocean, the only seasoning your pasta will get. I always boil mine about 1 to 1.5 minutes less than the box says.

Once you're done give them a nice ice bathe. Usually this is a bad idea but with lasagna we need to stop the cooking so it can finish in the oven.

Mise en place people. I never practice that on any other dish. You've got so much going on it's pretty important here though. Notice there is only 1 spoon. That's right, time for your hands again!

You've got the Sunday Gravy

Your ice bathed noodles.

Mmmmmeatballs and sausageballs

Shredded mozzarella and some Parmesan ready to grate. No green cans or preshredded stuff, you've gone through so much already, don't cut corners now!

Ricotta cheese. I like whole milk but your can choose what you want.

Salt and pepper to taste as always!

Now in the same order. Start with a thin layer of gravy.

Then the pasta.

Then add the meatballs. Crumble them in your hands but not too small. Don't go overboard with the ingredients. There's plenty going in, just wait and see.

Now for some crumbled sausage.

Mozzarella. Remember, go light, it'll be more than you think later on!

Ricotta is my favorite. If you're a kid like me you can squish through your fingers all over the layer. Just make sure you washed your hands before you started cooking!

Now for the Parmesan, salt, and pepper.

Then we start all over again with the gravy. Just a thin layer or your lasagna will be a soul instead of a casserole.

Then more pasta. It almost never fits the pan so you have to rip one piece to cover the edge. I like to switch the sides between layers because my OCD makes me!

Then some more meatballs.

Aaaaaaand the sausage.

Whew....almost to the finish line! Some more mozzarella.

My dog Freeway says she'd grace the guide if you promise to add the ricotta again. She also says "Derp! It's COLD!"

Ok, back to the seriousness now. One more round of Parmesan, salt, and pepper.

ANOTHER layer of gravy.

Aaaaand the final layer of pasta.

Aaaaaand whew, finally there. One more layer of gravy. Now don't go doing something silly like putting cheese on top. This is Italian lasagna, not the Olive Garden!

Can you guess what temperature the oven should be at?

Or how long it should cook for? Cover it with foil and once it's done remove the foil and cook another 10 minutes.

You should sit back and make yourself a cool beverage while you wait. Check out my other guides (if I've uploaded by the time you read this!) for some tasty ideas. This is a basil grape refresher?

When it's done it'll look like this. But don't cut it open yet! You need to wait at least 10 minutes otherwise the juices won't have time to setup and it'll be runny! And that's not tasty!

Mmmmmm. Now you should put it in the fridge overnight and heat it up the next day. That's when it's the best.....but can you wait that long? Yeah, I don't think so! Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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