How to make avocado pesto zoodles

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First make the pesto. Add the avocado into the food processor.

Add garlic.

Add the walnuts. Usually pesto is made with pine nuts (pignoli in Italian!), but you can use other nuts too like almonds, walnuts, & pecans. I didn't have pine nuts so I decided to try walnuts.

Add basil.

Add sea salt & lemon juice.

This is the mini food processor attachment that came with my Hamilton beach hand blender. Perfect for smaller batches like this.

Blend until smooth.

Warm the pan and let the zoodles cooks for a few minutes.

While the zoodles heat up, prepare the sun dried tomatoes & chick peas for the toppings.

Add the pesto to the zoodles & toss until they are coated.

Plate the zoodles & add the toppings.

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