How to creatively reuse wine bottles

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Just low heat bottles in water to easily remove labels.

It's satisfying....

Most wine bottles come with screw on tops now. So this makes it very easy to add old spray nozzles, soap dispensers, or nail some holes on the cap and use it as a shaker. Add a bit of dried lavender.

Also make great vases!

Just had to show you bloomed.

You can try the rope, lighter fluid, ice water method... But, I didn't like it. At all.

But... It was cool to watch.

Just invest in a glass scorer and save some time.

Then you can make shit like this.

Or this... Soak the corks for easy cutting. Use a turkey electric knife.

I see potential, and fire hazard. But who cares?

This is fun if you got like 4 hours to kill.

Gift for grandma?

Everyone can puffy paint!

Or squirt paint inside and swirl around for a scratch free surface. Do not drink or serve out of this after this process.

Use a high strength spray paint to cover outside.

Use colorful melting candles to cover.

Deco Podge with old books, photos, or notes. Anything you can think of.

I add cooking, a black and white photo, and some dry lavender.

This was done in a mason jar.

Tape off, rubber band off or add stickers before painting.

If you are really handy and have tools, you can make a wind chime!


Or if you are really talented...

Thanks Patty hall for the suggestion!! Add water and pop upside down into a pot of plants. Perfect for vacations!

Thanks for all the views and follows! I will continue to make more guides.

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