How to cook spicy trout quesadillas

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Start off by carefully removing the sling from your trout (or salmon) fillets with a sharp knife.

Cut up the fish into small cubes and place into a bowl. Set aside for later use.

Chop up your garlic clove into tiny pieces. We're going to be using this in the marinade!

In a medium bowl, mix together the olive oil, lime juice and garlic with a whisk.

Add in the cumin, coriander and chili flakes. Add salt and pepper as desired. Mix well again.

With a spoon or spatula, add in the fish and mix until everything is evenly coated.

Add in the vegetables and mix together slowly until everything is mostly coated.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and let marinade in the fridge for at least one hour minimum, or even overnight! Don't leave for longer than 12 hours.

Cut your pitas in quarters and line the cups of your oversized muffin pan.

Spoon in the trout mix into the muffin pan.

Grate your cheese. Personally I had a mix of mozzarella, swiss and cheddar, but you can just pick your favourite or even buy store bought grated cheese if you wish.

Season the cheese with a bit of ground chili powder, chili flakes and pepper.

Sprinkle as much or as little cheese as you want onto the mini quesadillas. Heat the oven to 350F and pop the muffin tray in!

Bake in the oven for 15-30 minutes. The cheese will be melted and begin to toast and the fish will be just right!

Serve in a large dish with some guacamole, salsa, sour cream or whatever else you enjoy! I personally prefer the guacamole.

I used trout in this and found it to be super delicious but salmon would be just as yummy too! Enjoy the recipe!

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