How to cook poached eggs in 10 minutes with 10 simple steps

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First, gather your ingredients and supplies!!

In a small-medium saucepan put water in high for it boil

Time to make our egg! Over the ramekin put a piece of plastic wrap (you could use a mug or little bowl) make sure to push down a little bit the wrap inside the ramekin

Break the egg!

Spice up! I used salt and pepper, Parmesan cheese and green onion ! You can add any herb you want! Get creative !

When you are done, get together the four corners of the plastic wrap

Tie a knot with the string ( make sure is really tight)

Put your egg in the boiling water

After 6-8 minutes it's ready! The time will depend on how cooked you like the egg!

Unwrap the knot and serve! I like mine with some whole grain toasts and strawberry jelly!! Enjoy !!

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