How to make egg salad sandwhiches

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Gather ingredients! (Salt & Pepper not pictured).

Put eggs in water & boil! I add a little salt to the water! (Sorry I didn't check the time but it usually takes around 8 minutes!) **Make sure the water covers the eggs!

I toss the eggs in the freezer for a couple minutes just to cool them down so they can be handled easier!

Peel eggs!

I cut them in half and put them in a bowl to mash!

Them all mashed up!!

Add mayo & mustard! No actual measurements! A heaping spoon worth of mayo just basically to coat all eggs, and a small squirt of mustard to taste!

Mix up!

I like my bread lightly toasted!

Boom! Sandwhiches! Spread it on with some lettuce, spinach, whatever other toppings you enjoy! Delicious !!

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